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Sahar Food Industries Co., owned by the private sector in 1991 in an area of 6,000 square meters and production and warehouses with an area of 1500 square meters located in the city of Hamedan, Bo Ali Industrial Town, 15th Road in Tehran to produce all kinds of food based on agricultural products was established in 1994, with the license of exploitation as well as manufacturing license for 15 types of products. It was registered as a private joint stock company under the number 1985. The company initially cooperated with 20 personnel, Started its productive activity in the early years of its establishment, with the development of our manufacturing process now employs 900 well-trained and efficient personnel in different sectors. In this direction with the development process of the company, the company's land area has already reached 60,000 square meters and production and warehouses have been built under the construction of 15,000 square meters.

  • Company Products:

The products of the company include 76product types in 273 types of packaging and 9 product groups such as tomato paste, pomegranate concentrate, pickled and salty pickled, canned, hot process sauce and cold process sauce, jams, compote, honey, and syrups.

In order to improve the quality of its products, satisfy its customers and improvement methods the company use experienced and specialized staff in research and development (R&D) dept., market research dept. and strategic Dept.

  • Company Export:

In recent years, in addition the major exports to European countries including England, Germany and Russia, exports also to the following countries such as Australia, Canada, Turkmenistan, the Philippines, the UAE, Iraq and Malaysia, as well as during negotiations and agreements with buyers from African countries, Central Asia and other Gulf states, an export program has been on the agenda.

  • Company honors: Obtaining titles and achievements such as:

-   The outstanding exporter of Hamedan province from 2007 - 2017

  - The outstanding exporter (Second Country Ranking 2010

  - The outstanding employer of the years 2013, 2015, 2016

-   The outstanding industrial company in 2011

  - The Food and Drug Administration selected the company in 2011

  - The Hamedan Standard Institute selected company from 2007 - 2017

-   The consumer selected food industry in 2013

-    Selected organization of the Festival of Hamedan Province Social Components Affecting the Health in 2017

-   Obtaining 62 standard production licenses

  - Obtaining HALAL license

 -   Obtaining ISO 9001: 2008 certified by IMQ organization

-   Obtaining the Ministry of Industry, Mining, and Trade official license of the Research and Development ِDept.


  • Sahar Food Industries Group Sub Categories:

-   Alvand Yaran Sahar (Trading and Distribution company)

-   Niusheh Food Industry Co. (Sabadchin)

  - Shokoufeh Sahar Food Industry Co.



Factory: No. 38, 13th St., 1st Blvd., Bouali Industrial Estate, Hamedan- Iran. \ Tehran Office: 2nd Floor, No. 87, Fayazi (Fereshteh) St., Valyasr Av. Tehran- Iran.
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